Beading with Stella Lighting

Stella Lighting Lamp photo.I usually use a simple halogen light for beading but had the pleasure of trying out Stella Lighting over the weekend.

I give Stella a thumbs-up and here’s why:

I could see the actual color of my beads, metals and strings. I usually walk outside to see how the true color of my materials look in daylight, but this lamp has a natural daylight setting. This is especially convenient if you’re beading after the sun’s gone down.

I left the lamp on for several hours – it never got hot. My usual halogen lamp starts to feel warm after about half an hour.

Stella Lighting has 3 Spectrum SettingsI switched back and forth between the natural daylight, warm and cool settings just for fun. Not only do these options make my eyes feel fresher, it’s amazing how different the same beads look under the three different spectrums. I took pictures of my Swarovski crystal sample board illustrating the different effects of the three spectrums. This lamp has dimmer settings, too.

This lamp is portable, adjustable and stable. Since I’m usually sitting on the floor at my coffee table with the television on, it’s nice to bend the lamp to shine on my work and away from everyone’s eyes.

Serious crafters know that having the best tools makes creative time so much better. Proper lighting ranks high in importance for me. I found that my eyes didn’t feel strained or tired working under Stella Lighting. I like seeing true colors and having so many options at the touch of a button.

I’m a fan and looking forward to getting my very own Stella lamp. I’m worth it.

You can now order Stella Lighting LED Craft Lamps from the Harlequin Beads & Jewelry website in our tools section.

To read more about Stella lamps, visit the Stella Lighting website.

by Margit

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