Amethyst – the Purple Quartz Gemstone

Purple Amethyst Round and Faceted BeadsBrilliant. Regal. Royal. Purple. Amethyst is the queen of all the quartz gems. Just a trace of iron in the silica solution when the crystals form is enough to color this gemstone. Sources include North and South America, Africa and Europe. Amethyst from Mexico tends to be reddish-purple, while amethyst from Pennsylvania is a more smoky color. When it comes from Africa, amethyst is likely to be a little bluish, and Brazilian stones are a clear, rich purple.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek and means “not drunken.” In ancient times, it was believed that holding or wearing an amethyst would prevent intoxication.

citrine beads exampleAmethyst of lesser quality is often heat-treated. When heated to between 500 and 600 degrees centigrade, the stone turns a golden-yellow and is sold as citrine.

by Beverly

SOURCES: The Gem Kingdom by Paul E. Desautels; Gemstones from the Time-Life Planet Earth Series; Handbook of Gem Identification by Richard T. Liddicoat Jr.


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