Good ‘ol Bead Bowl

bead bowl for loose beadsI was thumbing through my Facebook pages recently and saw a post from a fellow beader that asked if anyone else had a bowl that they threw all of their spare beads and jewelry parts into? By last count, she had 53 comments, all admitting to their various and sundry containers full of beads, clasps, wires, clips etc.

Yes, I also have a bowl. It is little and usually receives the few seed beads that didn’t get put back into their tube. I’ve already put that tube put away, and I don’t want to dig it out just to put away 3 beads. So, into the bowl they go.

Every few weeks, I sort through the bowl and take out anything valuable, then dump the rest into a bag that eventually gets sent to my grand niece in California for “Awt Pwajects.”

Do you have a bowl where you create your own flavor of bead soup? What do you do with it? Leave us a comment and enlighten us.

by Cenya

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