UFOs = UnFinished Objects

UFO box of unfinished beading projectsYou know, all of those projects you had such great hopes for, but somehow they just didn’t work out quite right.

You ran out of beads of a certain color. “Honey, I need three more red beads to finish these earrings.” Never mind that it’s snowing and the roads are icy. “We have to go right now!”

The colors weren’t quite right. “The background is too blue; it will look so much better in teal.”

You set it aside, knowing you will finish it in a day or two. “I cleaned off the kitchen table yesterday. Now, where did I put that darned bracelet?”

Something else caught your attention. “I’ll finish these earrings tomorrow, but this new pattern – it’s just too cool!”

I have a drawer full of these UFOs, and sometimes I take them out just to see what’s there.  From time to time, I’ll work on one – or even two – but mostly I just put them back in the box.

Do you have a UFO box?

by Beverly

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