Following in her Daughter’s Footsteps

Meet Adrianna from our Tuesday Beading Circle. For years, whenever her daughter came to visit her from Idaho, Adrianna brought her to Harlequin for beads and supplies. About a year and a half ago, her daughter finally convinced her to try beading herself.

Adrianna from Harlequin's Beading CircleAdrianna took a couple of beginning beading classes at Harlequin to familiarize herself with the basic techniques. The rest she learns as she goes, with a little help from her friends in the Beading Circle and on Harlequin’s staff.

Adrianna is charming in her modesty about her new craft. I reminded her we all start at the same place, then we get to choose our own pace. She smiled and told me she just loves beading. It’s a great creative release that she finds so rewarding. Each new creation feels like such a wonderful accomplishment.

Adrianna’s style is very feminine. Her favorite pieces are earrings and necklaces featuring Swarovski crystal beads, pearls and pretty gemstones. Adrianna mostly makes jewelry for herself and her circle of elderly lady friends – pretty, lightweight pieces that are comfortable enough for daily wear.

magnetic beads with onyx focal bead braceletOf course, there’s always that exception, and it happens to be what she’s finishing up today. Adrianna is making a rare masculine jewelry gift for her boyfriend. Much different from her usual style, this bracelet is made of magnetic and hematite beads,┬áspacer beads with a silver finish, and a handsome onyx focal bead. Adrianna chose to make this piece with plenty of magnetic beads to provide relief for arthritis pain.

He’s a very lucky guy.

by Margit

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