Lady Angela at Oregon Country Fair

Angela was a Fair goer long before she opened shop there. She especially loves the parades and recalls the enchanting gnome parade she once happened upon with her good buddy, Harlequin Lady Nome. Every year Angela looks forward to munching out at her favorite food booth, the Golden Avatar, where tasty Indian cuisine is served up by the Hari Krishnas. Her most memorable experience was being approached one year by a Psychedelic Flower at sunset, an enlightening encounter and magical conversation that left an indelible impression on her forever.

Last year, Angela jumped at her invitation to share a booth at the Fair with Janie, whom she met through a mutual friend. Janie makes lampshades with silhouette designs and mica lights that make them glow. Undoubtedly tempted, Angela has yet to design a masterpiece using a lampshade as her focal piece – and No, Angela! That’s not a dare!

Found Object Jewelry from Sunny Asylum Designs by AngelaWe have to be careful about what we say out loud around Angela, because many of her most quirky artistic creations have been inspired by careless admonishments like “You can’t make that into a necklace!” or similar verbal glove-slaps. As you can see, yes she can, and she usually does. She simply can’t resist a good challenge. From dresser drawers to miniature book stacks crafted from antique books, Sunny Asylum Designs exude imagination and daring.

As an artist, Angela celebrates the star quality of found objects. Lately, she has been creating jewelry out of unusual focal pieces such as old radio tubes, poker chips, game pieces, salvaged musical instrument parts (no playable instruments are destroyed or harmed in any way in Angela’s creative process), salt-and-pepper shakers, miniature bottles and dresser drawer pulls. Of course, Angela can’t resist her bit of conventional yin to her more adventurous yang, so she rarely passes up scrumptious Czech glass finds in mouthwatering shapes and yummy-candy colors, quartz in its splendid varieties, and the occasional cabochon, button or “Sweet!” bead that simply won’t-be-ignored.

Angela strings these unexpected and delightful combinations on Soft Flex cord, with rosary-style wire twisting, or on chain in metal finishes that best bring out the character and intrinsic beauty of her focal pieces. Angela has also been known to improvise, like when she went through her guitar-string phase.

Findings are a necessary evil for which Angela has little patience; she’ll occasionally attach a brass clasp but otherwise omits the clasp whenever a work-around is possible. Earrings, on the other hand, dictate their own practical requirements – so, she bends.

By now, you may be wondering if Angela’s pieces are actually wearable. Of course. That’s her gift to us as an artist. Each of Angela’s pieces has one-of-a-kind personality that finds its soul mate among us. Her fans range from funky festival goers and hippies to surgeons and soccer moms of all ages.

Jewelry is so personal, and Angela’s pieces strike that undeniable individual cord at the very core of our being. Playful, daring, exquisite, divine, unique, memorable – yes we are. Thanks for letting us express ourselves, Angela.

Oops, I forgot to mention the earrings. Oh well, no one likes a blah-blah-blogger, so you can see for yourself at Angela’s Etsy shop. If you’ll be attending the Oregon Country Fair this year, visit Angela at Booth 183, which is located directly across from Community Village.

The Oregon Country Fair is an annual 3-day outdoor celebration that draws people from all over the world for joyful music, theater, crafts, food, frolicking and fun-fun-fun. It’s a place to dress up or dress down and express your creative spirit, support local artisans and chefs, and learn about sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives and non-profit causes. The Fair has been a summer tradition and favorite venue for good times and happy memories since 1969.

by Margit

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