How Do You Organize Other Types of Beads?

This post is in response to Kristy’s comments on my Organize Your Beads post.

Kristy asked, “How do you organize other types of beads, i.e., glass, crystal, gems, metal, etc.? They come in all shapes and sizes, so they need different size containers, etc. I have so much invested in containers, trying to keep mine somewhat organized, but it still seems to be a struggle for me. Maybe I should quit buying more beads…, I don’t think that’s the answer! Also, chain.”

Big beads and large amounts of beads can be awkward. That’s when I go to inserts for my trays. They are sized to fit the standard jewelry trays I use and have internal dividers. Here are some pictures, so you can see how they work. I also rely on baggies. These don’t last for more than a few years, so they should not be used for long-term storage – but they are handy for temporary storage until you find the right container.

tray inserts for bead organization

I used to have the beads in tackle boxes, but my collection outgrew even the big ones early on. Most of all, be creative and keep your eyes open for a method that works for your beads.

Thank you for your comments, Kristy. I hope this helps.

by Beverly

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