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Organize Your Beads

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

“Where are my Miyuki 310 black matte beads?!!”

It was 4 AM on a Sunday morning, and I’d been beading all night. Now, I was looking for some matte black delicas to finish a project. Where were they?!! I couldn’t find them anywhere. They had to be there somewhere!

Well, I turned the house upside down, and when my husband John came home from a field exercise, he found me in tears with little bags of beads all over the living room. He had been in the desert for two weeks and came home filthy and exhausted. That great man was so calm and understanding. All he did was wrap me in his arms and start to laugh.

Here we were. We could face instantaneous deployments, long overseas separations, change-of-station orders telling us we had to move with a week’s notice – all faced with a calm demeanor – yet here I was crying because I couldn’t find the beads I wanted. We held on to one another till I couldn’t cry anymore and had to start laughing, too.

That was the day the spreadsheets began. (more…)

How to Cut Beading Thread on Airplanes without Scissors

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

These days, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) gets upset when you want to carry scissors on to airplanes. They are funny that way.

So how will you cut your beading thread without scissors? Simply put your spool of Nymo in a dental floss container, and use the cutting edge. This will make both you and the security staff happy. In fact, if the floss container is large enough, you can get two spools in there and have a choice of thread colors.

by Beverly