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A Cup of Thread

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I work primarily with seed beads and go through a lot of thread. Now I get thread on big spools, but for a while I had trouble with the thread getting tangled every time I pulled a length of thread. Then one day a friend said I should put the spool upside down in a coffee cup and draw the thread from the bottom of the spool. What?!! That sounds crazy! I tried it, and it works really well.

Cup of Thread beading tip

Drop your thread down through the spool with a bit to spare. Place the spool upside down in a cup and draw the thread out through the base of the spool. The weight of the spool will keep the thread from unraveling. I also like to keep a pair of scissors in the cup, so it’s always ready to use. These pink scissors were a garage sale find long ago and are my favorites.

by Beverly