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Amazing Aurora Ornament

by Megan Piper

This ornament will not go unnoticed. Pristine and sparkly Swarovski Crystal Elements are the main components of this holiday masterpiece. Quickly create dazzling holiday gifts, or simply hang anywhere in your home. Hang in a window as a sun catcher, or by holiday lights for a flashy display of beautiful sparkle. This decoration can be hung up with fishing twine, an ornament hook or sturdy cable. The finished length is a whopping 3 1/2 inches of pure, fantastic sparkle.

Use a pair of ordinary serrated pliers, if your roundnose pliers aren't strong enough to twist the snowflake wire.

6 Swarovski 12mm artemis crystal clear artemis beads
6  Swarovski 4mm crystal AB 2X bicones
6 Swarovski 6mm crystal AB bicones
6 Swarovski 8mm crystal AB daisy beads
6 Swarovski 8mm crystal AB rondells
6 Swarovski 9 x 6mm crystal AB teardrops
1 silver base metal 8mm soldered jumpring
1 silver base metal snowflake wire form

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step 1
step 1
Add beads one at a time on to one of the snowflake wires in this order: 4mm bicone, artemis bead, daisy bead, teardrop, rondell and 6mm bicone.
step 2
step 2
Grasping just the very edge of the wire - about 1/8 inch - bend the metal over into a U-shape. Close the U-shape with your serrated pliers. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other four snowflake wires, but don't finish off the last wire - it will be finished differently in step 3.
step 3
step 3
On the last snowflake wire, create more of a loop shape at the end, add the 8mm soldered ring and squeeze the loop shut, leaving a little room in your finished loop for the soldered ring to move freely. This is a little tricky, because the wire is so stiff. If you prefer, you can leave the ring off and string fishing line through the loop instead.

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