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Amethyst and Onyx February Birthstone Necklace

by Michele Rose

Amethyst, Onyx and Sterling Silver necklace, Amethyst and Onyx are birthstones for February making this a wonderful and elegant birthday gift for the Aquarius in your life.

2 feet of Soft Flex fine .014 beading cable
2 2 x 2mm Sterling Silver crimp tubes
2 inches of Sterling Silver cable style round link chain
2 Sterling Silver Cable Guards
1 Sterling Silver 7mm springring
48 Sterling Silver 3mm round smooth bead
36 6mm round black onyx agate beads
7 10mm round purple AB grade Amethyst beads

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step 1
step 1
Tape one end of your beading cable, so your beads do not slide off the end. String one 6mm Black Onyx bead, one 3mm sterling silver round bead, repeat this pattern 17 times.
step 2
step 2
String one 10mm Amethyst, one sterling silver 3mm round, one 6mm Black Onyx, one sterling silver 3mm round, repeat this six more times.
step 3
step 3
String one 6mm Black Onyx, one 3mm sterling silver 3mm round. repeat 15 times. Add one 6mm Black Onyx.
step 4
step 4
String one crimp tube, one cable guard and the springring on to one end. Seat the springring on the cable guard. Run the beading cable back through the crimp tube and the Black Onyx bead. Crimp the crimp tube.
step 5
step 5
Repeat step 4 on the other end, but use the sterling silver chain rather than the springring.

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