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Coins from the River Necklace

by Michele Rose

When finished, our Coins from the River necklace kit is so elegant it would look lovely on the bride to be, or it can dress up even your most basic outfits. This floating bead necklace combines pale silver luscious coin shaped freshwater pearls, 3mm Swarovski crystals knotted on grey silk with sterling silver findings. The finished length of this necklace is 18 inches, but you can adjust the length by using less beads or make the spaces between each section shorter or longer by adjusting the length of your spacer straw.

View Harlequin's How to Make a Floating Bead Necklace Video for a demonstration given by our beading expert, Mona Brummett.

You will need either Hypo Cement or clear nail polish - not included in the kit.

17 pale silver 9-10mm coin freshwater pearls
34 Swarovski 3mm comet argent light bicone crystals
1 card of size 4 grey silk with attached needle
2 sterling silver small hole .028 beadtip
1 sterling silver 6mm soldered jumpring
1 sterling silver 6mm springring clasp
1 hatpin
1 straw for spacing the beads - cut to approximately two thirds of and inch long

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step 1
step 1
Make an overhand knot at the end of your silk, opposite the needle. Slide a beadtip on to the silk. The knot will fit inside the cup of the bead tip.
step 2
step 2
Make an overhand knot on the other side of the beadtip and use the hatpin to slide the knot down against the beadtip. String on 3mm crystal, one coin pearl and one 3mm crystal on to the silk. Make an overhand knot and use the hatpin to slide the knot down against the beads.
step 3
step 3
Slide the measuring stick - the piece of a straw included in kit - on to the silk. Using the hatpin, slide an overhand knot down to the straw, then remove the straw. String one 3mm crystal, one coin pearl and one 3mm crystal on to the silk. Repeat steps two and three until you have used all of your pearls.
step 4
step 4
After the last knot, string a beadtip on to the silk. Make another knot and use your hatpin to slide the knot into the cup of the beadtip.
step 5
step 5
Apply a small drop of glue to each knot and allow to dry. Trim the ends of the silk.
step 6
step 6

Attach the clasp to the beadtip. Attach the jumpring to the other beadtip.

To learn how to make a floating bead necklace,we invite you to watch a short video tutorial from our beading expert.

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