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Dragon's Blood Bracelet

by Megan Piper

This bracelet's main stone, Australian dragon's blood, reminds us of a fire-breathing dragon in battle. According to legend, the Romans used this stone as protection against sorcery and the dark arts. The fascinating blue-green detail of this stone reveals veins of red and orange - perfect for pairing up with some fiery colored carnelian beads.

You will need either Hypo Cement or clear nail polish, which is not included in the kit.

13 double drilled 10 x 20 Australian dragon's blood
26 matte carnelian 4mm round beads
2 feet of .7mm clear Stretch Magic cord

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step 1
step 1
Cut the stretchy cord into two pieces of equal length. Tape the end of each piece, so your beads do not fall off the end. String one 4mm carnelian round and one Australian dragon's blood bead on to the stretchy cord. Repeat this sequence until you have used all of the double-drilled beads. Use the second piece of stretchy cord and the remaining carnelian beads to string the second row.
step 2
step 2
Tie a square knot in one cord - right over left, then left over right makes a knot both tight and tidy. Repeat for second stretchy cord. Glue the knot with the clear nail polish and allow to dry before wearing.

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