Welcome to Harlequin Beads!

Gems, Crystals, Faceted Stones & Cabochon Trunk Show

11 AM - 5 PM

Crystal Points, gem specimens, faceted stones and cabochons!

Friday & Saturday July 22nd & 23rd

Elfingoyle Gems are traveling gemstone sellers. They have an assortment of stones ranging from cabochons of Tiger eye, Moonstone, Garnet and many others for $1-2 as well as nice Fire Agates and Opals and other high end gems. Elfingoyle Gems also has faceted stones from a few dollars each up to top quality Tourmaline and Oregon Sunstone. In addition they have Tourmaline, Amethyst, Topaz and other crystals and specimens. Elfingoyle Gems is happy to sell to both jewelers and collectors at the same great prices!

Elfingoyle Gems sells mostly cut stones for jewelers. Both cabs and faceted stones in many more varieties than we can post photos of. However we also carry some gemstone crystals as well. Our prices will be the same for the public as we charge the jewelers in their shops. Please do come out and see us as well as the wonderful selection of beads that Harlequin carries.

Image Gems, Crystals, Faceted Stones & Cabochon Trunk Show