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Chunky Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

by Michele Rose

This Red Tiger Eye stretchy bracelet is bold, beautiful and simple to string together. This claspless kit captures the trendy look of the chunky style bracelet and can be worn with a palette of colors. Two simple steps and your bracelet is complete.

5 Red tiger eye 12mm rounds
10 Red tiger eye 7x12mm faceted nuggets
5 Black onyx agate 8mm rounds
10 Antique silver 5mm beaded spacers
1 foot of 1mm stretch magic

No longer available for purchase.


step 1
Tape one end of the stretchy cord, so your beads do not fall off the end. String one 8mm black onyx agate, one red tiger eye nugget, one spacer bead, one 12mm red tiger eye round, one spacer bead and one red tiger eye nugget. Repeat this bead sequence until you have used all of the beads.
step 1
step 2
Tie a square knot and glue the knot with the clear nail polish. Remember, right over left, left over right, makes a knot both tidy and tight.
step 2

Materials List

Metal Beads 5mm daisy spacer antique silver lead free pewter94-5582-12 Metal Beads 5mm daisy spacer antique silver lead free pewter
1mm round clear Stretch MagicSM10CL5 1mm round clear Stretch Magic

Recommended Tools

chinese craft scissor 4 inchSC4 chinese craft scissor 4 inch