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Larks Head Cosmic Ring Necklace

by Michele Rose

A little bit of nostalgia is created when you wear the Larks Head Cosmic Ring Necklace. Remember watch faces with interchangeable color bands to match your different outfits? Our newest crystal addition is also interchangeable; with a simple larks head knot you can switch your Cosmic Ring Pendant to match your mood of the day. With 5 color choices the sky is the limit.

1 20mm Swarovski Cosmic Ring
1 7mm Sterling Springring
2 3mm round Sterling Silver Beads
21 inches of Sterling Silver Rolo chain
6 inches of 24g. 1/2 hard Sterling Silver wire

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step 1
step 1
Attach the springring clasp to your chain using a simple wire twist with the 3mm sterling silver round in the wire twist.
step 2
step 2
With a simple wire twist, make a large enough loop to attach your clasp to. Use the 3mm sterling silver round bead in the wire twist and attach your loop to the other end of the chain.
step 3
step 3
Using a larks head knot attach your Cosmic Ring to your chain. Fold your chain in 1/2 by holding on to the finished ends, feed the looped end through the cosmic ring, feed the finished ends through the loop and pull the finished ends until Lark's head is snug.

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