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New Jade Mojito Bracelet

by Megan Piper & Ramona Brummett

Fresh and cool light green hues make up this Mojito of a bracelet.  Light and lovely neutral tones with a hint of sparkle emanate from the Burma jade gemstones and chrysolite opal Swarovski crystal. The detailed Tree of Life button and daisy spacers on this beauty are lead-free and made in the USA by TierraCast, so even people with metal allergies will enjoy this bracelet. The finished bracelet measures 7 1/2". Cheers!

16 faceted double-drilled burma jade beads
34 Swarovski crystal 3mm chrysolite opal bicones
67 TierraCast 3mm daisy spacer beads with a silver finish
20 Miyuki size 11 opal gilt lined seed beads
2 Miyuki size 8 opal gilt lined seed beads
1 TierraCast Tree of Life button with an antique silver finish
1 sterling silver medium cable guard for thick cable
1 sterling silver 2 x 2mm tube crimp bead
2 feet Soft Flex .014 thin satin silver beading wire

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step 1
step 1
Slide beads on to your Soft Flex cable in the following order: 3mm daisy spacer, 3mm crystal bicone, and another 3mm spacer, 20 size 11 seed beads, 3mm daisy spacer, 3mm bicone and a 3mm spacer. Center these beads on your cable, so you have an equal amount of space on each side of the beads.
step 2
step 2
Slide a faceted double-drill bead on to both ends of the cable. On each piece of cable, add a 3mm spacer, 3mm crystal bicone and another 3mm spacer. Repeat this pattern until you have all of the double-drilled jadeite beads on your cables.
step 3
step 3
After your last double-drilled gemstone, slide a 3mm spacer and a 3mm bicone on to each piece of cable. Combine both pieces of cable and slide on a 3mm spacer, two size 8 seed beads and one crimp bead.
step 4
step 4
Slide the cable guard on to both pieces of cable.

For how-to instructions, cable guard tutorial video.
step 5
step 5
Slide the metal button on to the cable guard. Thread the cables through the crimp bead and the two size 8 seed beads.
step 6
step 6
Smooth out the beads on your bracelet and tighten up the cable, so there are no gaps between the beads - snug but not too tight. Crimp the crimp and trim off the excess cable - and you are done!

For how-to instructions, crimp bead tutorial video.

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