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Tila Me Up Bracelet

by Ramona Brummett

This bracelet is an exclusive Harlequin jewelry design. Learn how to create a durable and easy-to-make bracelet that only appears to be complicated and perplexing. In this kit we use Swarovski's brand new crystal iridescent green color to blend the texture and colors of gunmetal chain and silky rose tila beads. The glass button and seed beads were created in the Czech Republic and artistically complete this bracelet.

44 Swarovski 4mm crystal iridescent green bicones
25 Miyuki tila pale rose silk satin seed beads
1 teaspoon Miyuki size 11 pale pink ab transparent iridescent seed beads
1 teaspoon Miyuki size 8 pale pink ab transparent iridescent seed beads
1 Czech glass black with bronze 3-dragonfly button with glass shank
2 feet of base metal rollo belcher chain with gunmetal finish
2 14k goldfill 2 x 2mm tube crimp beads
4 feet of .014 thin original satin silver Soft Flex Wire

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step 1
step 1
Cut your Soft Flex wire into two 2-foot sections.

Add 20 size 8 seed beads to the middle of both sections.
step 2
step 2
On each side of these seed beads, add four size 11 seed beads to one piece of wire, and three size 11 seed beads to the other two pieces of wire.
step 3
step 3
Preparation - cut your chain into 42 sections of three links each.

Sort out your four pieces of wire so that the strands with four seed beads on each go through a tila bead, and the wire with three seed beads each go through a bicone and a size 11 seed bead.

String two separate pieces of chain on to each of the center pieces of wire. Now, thread the two outside cables through the other end of the chain. Repeat the following sequence until you reach your desired length: one seed bead on each side of the crystal on the outside wires and one tila on the inside wire and chain in between.
step 4
step 4
On both outer wire strands, add three size 11 seed beads, and on both inner strands add four size 11 seed beads. Bring one inner and one outer strand together and add two size 8 seed beads, one crimp bead and one size 8 seed bead.

Repeat on the other side.

Add the button by threading two wires from one direction and two wires from the other direction through the button's shank. Now, feed both pieces of wire back through all 3 of the size 8 seed beads and the crimp.
step 5
step 5
Pull each of the four wire strands tight to remove any space between the beads. It's okay for your bracelet to look wavy at this point; it will lay flat on your wrist.
step 6
step 6
Crimp the two crimps, and trim the tails of the wires as close as possible.

For how-to instructions, watch our crimp bead tutorial video by our beading expert.

Enjoy wearing your masterpiece!

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