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Jade 6mm round deep green

Jade 6mm round deep green | Gemstone Beads

Jade 6mm round deep green

List Price per : $14.00
per 8" string
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 99
100 - +

Brand: Dakota


2.5mm hole. Jade refers to an ornamental mineral, mostly known for its green varieties. Our Jade is nephrite, a silicate of calcium and magnesium, from western Canada. Jade has been used for tens of thousands of years, initially as tools because of its hardness, but is prized, especially in Asian cultures, as a gemstone that is cut into many shapes and often given a high polish. Natural

Shape: round
Size: 6mm
Color: deep green
Material: Jade
Finish: opaque
Origin: North America
Brand: Dakota